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Two and um, dodo. Its a V update.

April 2nd, 2013

Two and um, dodo. Its a V update.

V turned 2 in Jan, and is a hilarious little person.

Some things she’s doing lately:

Speaking in lots of sentences with more word combinations now. Her vocabulary is beyond measuring anymore. Making a lot of very specific demands and connections, as her vocab and understanding grow. Joking around. Stringing beads. Helping me when she can (and of course, only when it is her idea). Being obsessed with the wonder pets. And always, trying to do everything her sister does. Sharing, playing, laughing, wrestling, fighting and competing with her sister. And adoring her.

She delights at calling any octopus “applesauce” and tadpoles “apples”. She pretends to be a cat. She still loooooves hide and seek. Plays brazenly on big-kid playgrounds. Wants to swim freely. All by herself. NOW. (can’t yet, yikes!) Loves books, and finally enjoys flipping through and “reading” them on her own, too. Determines and announces her favorite things (the zoo is currently her favorite place, strawberry her favorite fruit.) She erupts into “acting class” after most meals. Acting class is when she goes down from her chair, stands in the middle of the floor and twirls/throws herself around while insisting on everyone’s full attention.

Using the potty! She’s not fully trained, but doing great with using the potty many times a day. We’re still using diapers all the time but she has tried undies here and there (always resulting in an accident, eventally. but today she kept them dry for hours, asking to go to the potty twice!)

Sleeping in a big girl bed. We removed one of the crib walls and lowered the mattress so she can get in and out of her own bed at will. It has gone completely well so far! The first night she toyed with this newfound ability, and came out of her room several times. We kept letting her take different toys into her bed to quietly play with, an exciting novelty for her. From that night on, there’s been no problem.

One thing she doesn’t need in her bed anymore: a paci. Thats ancient history now.. I employed a slightly revised version of what we did with Li. Instead of creating a paci fairy, bringer of special gifts in exchange for snipped ends of the paci nubs… I just cut the damn things. I mean I warned her I was doing it – she wanted some simple thing off the counter and i said she could have it as long as I could cut a tiny snip off the end of her paci. She obliged – ever in the moment. And that was that! I did it to every paci in the house, at the same time… she continued using them for a few weeks, snipped & all, with no arguement from me. I let her get over it in her own time. And she shortly did. As soon as she stopped requesting them, I threw them out and it hasn’t been mentioned since.

Hmm, what else. She freely converses with strangers when in the mood. We’ll be walking Marl, pass someone and Vi erupts into some lengthy introduction and explanation. “My mommy right here. My doggy: Marley. My sister in school. Daddy work. My Grandma lives in…go.” (She usually stresses the “my” in these sentences). The pedestrian will be like um..ok. what? but she is getting more and more clear by the day.

Except when she’s in a whining huff, which can be brought on by something entirely nonsensical and last WAY too long. Then, all she will do is cry and whine and sulk. I have taken to speaking sternly to her, perhaps more than I should, but what can I say. Sometimes a stern word from me is the only thing that will snap her out of a drawn-out, dramatic funk when all else fails.

To call her moody would be accurate. The two sides of the extreme two-year old:

Moments later she’s so warm and cuddly again, and funny and thrilled to try things and just the cutest happiest thing ever. What a mush she is. Great hugger. Constantly saying things like, “My Marley, my doggy… so heavenly!” Or, “Mommy! Love you so much. Miss you so much!” Or, “I love my Miles!” (her best bud).

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  1. 1 On April 6th, 2013, Sarah Rose said:

    She is a passionate soul!

  2. 2 On April 6th, 2013, corsakti said:


    I just updated this blog with a bunch of new posts for the first time in months! I can’t believe you saw it already. :D

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